Fruit of the Loom 

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Prior to Fruit of the Loom launching on TikTok, there was already an existing conversation around the brand — creating a natural "in" on the platform — surrounding the Mandela Effect. This is a phenomenon where people remember things differently than how they actually were, with most conversation claiming that there was a cornucopia in the Fruit of the Loom logo because that's how so many people remember it (spoiler alert: there never was one). 

We developed this cornucopia into a character, that we've playfully inserted into the logo and have made the #1 Fruit fan, playfully replying to users and sparking hundreds of comments. Content is always rooted in trends, humorous, and supported by supers and captions that help tell the story to audience members. 

The results? 

200k views, 20k engagements, and 9k followers in 5 months, from organic content alone

TikTok Creators & 

TikTok Music

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Both TikTok Music and TikTok Creators lacked one thing: strategy. When they approached Social Chain for support, we first needed to outline an approach that would drive success against their goals: awareness and engagement. 

After aligning with these two global teams on their separate strategies, I supported briefings and insights for creative concepting during key moments, including AAPI Heritage Month and Black History Month. 


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National Instruments (NI) 

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Reset Coworking 

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